Sunday, 13 December 2009

Giddy at Gruinard, And at Ardmair.

Giddy with delight - the mission worked!

Actually I can't be bothered to do a write-up, so here are some pictures:

Saturday morning at Sail Mhor hostel. £13 a night, warm, comfy beds, good kitchen. Definitely the key to good climbing in winter.

The errr lovely Lyons at the gorgeous Gruinard bay. A minor crag but such a nice spot, this bit also wins "crag base of the year award 2009".

What Scottish winter climbing is all about!

Moody posy bollox.

Gairloch church. Drove over for a nice meal at the Old Inn. The hostel was surprisingly busy with a large hunting party who were culling deer, so I had wild venison steak at the pub in their honour.

No sun but still warm enough at Ardmair. This is Sculptress, on one the nicest HVSes in the history of mankind, go do it!

But bloody freezing (well -2'C to -5'C) around Inverness!


Lauren said...

Gorgeous. Sculptress looks amazing! Glad you had a good few days.


bluebrad said...

Some nice looking rock there especially that HVS at Ardmair. Keep posting stuff like that lad - it gets me all rad and syked for a Scotland trip next year.

Fiend said...

Cheers guys. It's what I've been waiting for for a few months now, a weekend like that. Lots more to should all come up and join me :)

Yeah Sculptress was just really NICE. Nice rock, nice holds, nice gear, nice position. Pure climbing pleasure.