Tuesday, 1 December 2009


December has started quite literally and punctually with winter: 1st December, -4'C this morning. Pretty nice, although it didn't feel much below -2 to my senses ;).

This means I've kinda missed the boat for regular trad - although I did get out for a bit of bouldering yesterday (and a run, gentle antagonistic weight session, and good stretch later on, which I'm happy with), and although it was freezing in the shade, the rock was genuinely warm (not "normal", but warm) in the sun on the South face, which shows some potential. Anyway I can still go bouldering for training - if I can find something slopey enough to be worthy of -4'C.

This month has been mildly notable with things vaguely calming down (externally, not internally) with my move to Glasgow, and other than that solely notable for one wall bouldering session where I felt Not Weak. I best try to recapitalise on that feeling!

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