Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Train for Spain.

Am going to Spain for New Year! To Costa Blanca, not my first choice as I've been already and I like exploring new areas, but it's still nice to get away, particularly from the persistently soggy Glasgow. Hopefully it will give a good boost to my climbing. Of course to maximise that boost, I'm aiming for a pre-boost boost, and thus am training for Spain.

As often the case with homogeneous Euro-Lime trips, in the absence of new rocktypes or climbing styles, I like to have some crass, meaningless, egotistical goal to aim for out there. Previously that was F7a, and ideally I'd like it to be so again, mainly because F7a is a nice, neat, round number (and corresponds to Font 7a which I believe is what V6 is and what I can boulder). However God only knows what I'll manage this time. Wall training is going okay but my fitness is still bollox, maybe F6c (round enough) will turn out to be a bit more realistic. Well I've got another 3 weeks, just need to keep at it...

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