Sunday, 6 December 2009

Is it worth it??

So last weekend I painted...

Figure by Games Workshop, base handmade out of plastic bits, wire, and a spare model.

I like painting toy soldiers (sometimes the painting itself isn't fun, but the end result is satisfying). I was doing it before I started climbing, I'm relatively better at painting than I am at climbing, and I'll probably be doing it after I stop climbing (assuming my tendons go before my eyesight does). Regardless of outdated geeky connotations, it's good to have something different and creative to do - and very good to have something to do in the stupid pissing rain that all too often characterises this country's pretence at "weather".

The problem is like many things in life it requires a certain balance, and due to my ability to focus on things but my inability to switch focii comfortably, I don't always get that balance right. Thus I was finishing off painting this figure last Sunday, when the weather was really rather fine (a rarity) and there was no doubt some dry rock to be climbed and taken advantage of before the next deluge. Admittedly I was finishing it for an online contest with a Sunday deadline, but even so my organisation is sloppy enough and my prioritising perturbing enough that I was left thinking "WTF am I doing??".

Is it worth it getting het up about meeting an online contest deadline (I've entered and won a few already) in a hobby I do for fun and satisfaction, at the expense of other hobbies I find more rewarding. Hmmm. As I say, balance... Preferably a balance more climbing, more training, more painting, more socialising, more activities, more phat drum'n'bass etc...;)

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