Sunday, 25 January 2009

Action stations.

Right. Finally I'm over that stupid pointless cold, down to the bare minimum of coughing and have had 3 uninterrupted night's sleep in a row, which is a bloody relief. I feel a lot perkier (unusual for a grouch like me anyway).

Also, I've done a little bit of climbing and althought it makes my shoulder feel tender, I've been to see Ozzy again and he's confident in my progress - his strength tests show improvements so he reckons the tenderness is just post-exercise soreness. I've got to keep carefull with it but at least I can do stuff.

So, I can climb again (carefully), swim again (carefully), and run again. Thank fuck for that. Hurrah.

Oh, I went out to Stanage yesterday, did a few warm-ups and flash an easy arete. That was fun, hurrah for that too.

That's all, for now...

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