Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Up and bloody down.

The nonsensical roller coaster continues...

Today has mostly been characterised by:

1. B0rked car. This has needed a new wheel bearing, £quite-a-lot, and removal of the damaged prop-shaft, which means it's now running as 2WD not 4WD, but is preferable to replacing it at £quite-a-bloody-huge-amount.

2. B0rked shoulder. The tendon impingement injury I had in 2007, which had completely cleared up, has now randomly re-appeared. Last night I noticed it was painful, and it's even more so today. There's no reason whatsoever for this, unlike last time I haven't been overtraining, I've been doing some balancing exercises (press-ups, running, stretching), and there's no indication anything should be wrong. Yet it is, distinctly wrong and painful.

Physio tomorrow and who knows WTF after that :(

Edit: This is really fucking not good at all :(. Even after taking Ibuprofen and massaging Voltarol into it, it's still significantly painful even doing everyday stuff about the house. I think it could a pretty fucking serious problem :(

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