Monday, 2 February 2009

Part 2 / 12.

1 month down. I'm not overly impressed so far.

January ended with the traditional whimper - a very gentle session pottering on Burbage South boulders. Quite representative of the recuperative "treading water" circuits I've been reduced to: fun, good for my injuries, but fairly hollow. My heart is still back in the Rhinnogs and Torridon last year...

However, February has started with a bit more general psyche. Yesterday was fairly fun-packed:

1. Get up early, spot my mate on a project of his, drink tea until snow comes in.
2. Drive over to Redmires, go for run from Redmires to Stanage and back. Long uphill on the way, long downhill on the way back into the full force of snow shower and predicted -18'c windchill. Feel good.
3. Go home, look up run, discover was 3.8 miles / 37 mins, longest run yet. Feel chuffed.
4. Get changed and go down T'Works. Warmed up already but do full set of theraband exercises too. Drink cappucino and climb the hardest I have all month, with little shoulder or elbow pain.
5. Go home, quick hot shower and stretch, just to be sure.
6. Drive out through the snow to The Plough, have great gastro-pub meal with large group of mates.
7. Come home early, harrass online mates and go to bed.
8. Wake up to lots of snow. Very pretty.

All in all rather a good day. I felt particularly energised after the run / theraband / climbing combo - unfortunately won't be able to run for a while out there!! My shoulder is sore as usual, but not unduly so. So a bit of progress....for now.

I really want to go skiing, more than anything, though......

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