Thursday, 15 January 2009

Injury status 15/01/09

Back to see Ozzy today.

In the intervening week I've not climbed at all, been for one good run and a few walks. I've stretched after every shower, done theraband exercises since the weekend, a bit of icing my shoulder, and regular press-ups. Despite some bad, achey nights' sleep, my shoulder has generally felt a lot better, in fact today there is almost no pain and if I hadn't tweaked it I wouldn't know anything is wrong.

Ozzy found more aches and pains in my back, and agreed the ridiculous palm mantel press thing could have been part of the cause for that. His strength tests were better, and better after back manipulating (not as brutal this time). He's pretty positive about it, and that I can do most of the work with recuperative exercises, massage etc. He said gentle climbing would be good at this point. So, errr, I'll do a bit of that then.

Have a bloody cold at the mo. Not too bad but it puts me off running etc. Will have to wait for that to pass, and sulk in the meantime :yay:

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