Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Still going....somehow....starting to get a wee bit tired. The penultimate day, yet more tufas, yet more funky rests, yet more pockets, yet more pump. I did a couple of very fine routes today and also tried something a wee bit harder, above my usual confidence level. Boulder problem crux and then I somehow contrived to slip off a good big pocket after the crux. Suffice to say I win the Finest Crag Tantrum Of The Trip award, and thanks to Jade for retrieving my shoe from it's distant landing place. When I calmed down I was still angry but also reassured that I'd come pretty close, and curious to very slightly reassess what my current limits *might* be - it showed potential at least. On the subject of which, all of my aches and tweaks are feeling a lot better, no doubt because I'm climbing loads ;).

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