Monday, 15 April 2013


3.a. Scooters are fucking terrifying as a passenger. All I could think about was ending up as long streaks of Fiend paste smeared along the road.

3.b. Ghost Kitchen is a great name for a very fun crag.

3.c. Any route described as a "stalactite-mushroom parade" has got to be awesome, and indeed was.

4.a. Scooters are a lot less fucking terrifying as the driver. So much so that I went for a cruise for fun in the afternoon and got to grips with it pretty well, despite never having been on a motorised two-wheel anything except the previous evening's coaching. However there "might" have been a chicken incident on the way back.

4.b. I can get my leg into the Kastor hole at Arhi cos I'm short. Alas all the tall people in the group were both elsewhere and much more beastly so I didn't get to gloat too much.

4.c. When jumping off a sizeable rock into the sea, there are a variety of recommended landing postures, of which "sitting back in an armchair" is definitely not one. Fuck me my slapped butt hurts.

5.a. I had enough tactics, pacing, and determination to do my main Kalymnos inspiration of the boring standard honeypot trade route DNA. It's very steep!

5.b. Also did Trella (draining!), Taz and Les Amazones and generally had a fine day and feel I've really got into Kalymnos-style climbing.

5.c. My slapped arse still hurts and has spectacular warfarin-exacerbated bruises.  

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