Friday, 12 April 2013


Well what do you know, 10 hours sleep does help... Ably aided by a fine Greek dinner of "cheese with fire" (just what it says, what more do you need??), kalamari and doulmadi. So today went a bit better, it was still hot, sweaty, pumpy, and surprisingly grindy on the skin compared to the endless stream of tufa jugs I was expecting. I was also vaguely expecting the sales-pitch generous grades, well that is complete horse cock, the old Rockfax grades are general sandbags and even the new guide grades are solid, I've done one soft-touch in 12 bloody routes, this is hardly Ardmair is it!! Today's half a dozen were a characterful and fun selection, I'm still keeping it mostly steady but getting inspired by enough stuff for the rest of the week. Rest hard enough and I might climb some good stuff ;)

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