Thursday, 11 April 2013


"Yeah let's go for the 8am ferry, sure we have to be up at 7am to get a bit of breakfast but it's two hours time difference so that's like 9 UK time..."
After 8 hours of travelling, a Mythos, and a good quantity of Haloumi and chicken Slouvaki, no-one was thinking deeply enough to remember the time difference was the other way. So the 5am (UK time) start was somewhat shocking, no thanks to the dawn chorus that revved up at midnight and the appalling Nescafe filth to start the day. Thankfully the coffee scenario was vastly improved by the in-situ team at the apartments, but the residual knackeredness has lasted all day and when combined with the sensible but surprising heat and a lack of recent training, has combined in the phenomenon commonly known as "Punterdom". I had to keep reminding myself of these factors as well as the usual "first day warm up" procedure and not get too demoralised, but still did some decent routes, albeit easy ones by the skin of my teeth. Someone later described Sector Odyssey as "old fashioned sport climbing" and I think that's a fair appraisal. Although I did use a hand-jam in a tufa early on, albeit on a route I failed on by slipping off a foothold.

On the plus side, here is a really cool tiger kitty from the harbour:

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