Saturday, 15 January 2011

Malteser 3.

Today, we climbed some more. Ghar Lapsia (sp!). It was good. Better than yesterday. Sunnier, windier, better views, more dramatic routes - mostly short but action packed. The rock was more familiar Euro-lime, but also with a crimpy slab thrown in. OMG. Girls love crimpy slabs and so do I. As I've found out, Scotland doesn't really specialise in accessible slabs. Neither does Malta but it does have a few highly reputed areas, and while today's slabby section wasn't highly reputed, it provided plenty of stimulation on a delectable pitch with one bit of good gear half way up the initial 18m section... The steeper stuff was equally fun, with some sport, thready pseudo-sport, and good trad. All in all a fine day, with 6 more varied routes.

I saw two shedded snake skins, but no snakes. Also two oil rigs, but still no sense to the local driving.

I'm on the local soft drink, Kinnie. Waaay nicer than the beer. It tastes like 40% coke, 40% root beer, 20% angastora bitters. Unlike 100% stale ass-sweat.

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Sarah Clough said...

*makes mental note to try Kinnie if ever in Malta*