Friday, 14 January 2011

Malteser 2.

Today, we climbed. We went to Wieb Badu (sp!) which is a well reputed area. It was cool in the shade and warm in the sun. The giant India shaped fallen block was a cool feature. The crag itself was not as good as it looked from the long distance topo-shots, which turned had turned vaguely rambling slabs into sheer faces. Slightly dusty pockety rock made for odd gear but reasonable climbing. The sport routes were better fun, and some of the easier routes looked good too, but easy climbing is a waste of precious grade chasing time so I didn't bother ;). The sunnier side was shorter, steeper, oranger, juggier, more properly trad, and slightly more fun, and made for a good evening finale. It was warm enough for me to break out the stockings/shorts combo early ;).

5 routes, 2 sport and 3 trad, mostly cool. I was going to write about them but I can't be arsed....suffice to say it was a good warm up day.

We met some very cute kitties on the way back, I tried to steal one but they were too shy.

Malta feels pretty exotic compared to other places I've visited - lots of flat roofs, lots of chaotic buildings, lots of archaic churchs and monuments. It's cool.

The roads are still mental. It's lucky the island is small as the road markings and signposts make Spanish roads look informative.

The Maltese are friendly and do good English. They don't do lane discipline and don't seem to do supermarkets either, but the local shops are nice enough.

The local shandy is considerably better than the local beer.

Mmmm dinner was good. I am full of sausage. Sleep soon...

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