Thursday, 13 January 2011

Malteser 1.

Maltesers in Malta, the obvious combination. This will be a trip diary thing. It doesn't need explaining does it...

On the 5:30 am train to Manchester Airport. I've just snagged a strap on my rudebwoy jeans and torn a huge slit down the side. I might have to buy new jeans at the airport and I bet they only have normal ones BLEEUURGGHH. Also there is no wifi on this train which is bloody barbaric. On the plus side a DNBTV live DJ Trace mix is sounding pretty good through my Sennheiser headphones I liberated from British Airways decades ago when they still gave out good headphones (and when people still travelled by non-budget airlines ;)).

Later....borrowed a stapler at airport and fixed jeans - potential normal-jeans-wearing catastrophe averted. Good flight full - but not very full - of old people and obese people and sometimes both at once. Revised the guidebook thoroughly and feel asleep listening to an old skool hard trance mix from M-Zone.

Now in Malta. The weather is pleasant and warm. The island is reassuringly small. No-one indicates when driving and last minute lane changes are de rigeur. The guy I'm climbing with seems nice. He is Canadian, I am quite used to the accent from SC2 sessions with VULTURE and DRAKE. The hostel is pleasant enough and has wifi. The local beer is foul. It looks like dilute piss and tastes like it's been brewed with dishwater.

I am syked for climbing.


jonny2vests said...

Some useful info there fiend, going out at Easter, partly to climb but also to visit seemingly immortal grandparents (I'm 41 and half Maltese).

Been before, but not since the latest publication and never with another actual climber - so looking forward to doing it justice, your comments will certainly help the decision process once there.


PS. Kinny is my other reason for visiting.

Fiend said...

Cheers dude, glad it's worthwhile. I'm enjoying keeping this diary every day :). The new guide is very useful, a few errors but a lot of good info.

P.S. I've finally eaten that packet of Maltesers this evening...