Monday, 22 March 2010

The usual consolidation at Upper Cave Crag.

I had a pleasant day out at the weekend... Summer has truly arrived - evidenced by sunbathing on Saturday and pissing bloody rain today. This was Saturday:

Anyway I was at Dunkeld again, to combine trad and sport. A nice spot to do so, although I am getting a bit bored of the best lines at Upper Cave Crag still seeping, and more bored of pottering around on the local-ish schist when I really want to get away to the North, West, East, sea-cliffs, gneiss, sandstone, dolerite, granite etc etc. Fingers crossed for some away trips soon!!

Still, I did one good trad lead, and pushed myself a bit when I felt nervous. I also tried another trad route but backed off cleanly due to a desperate crux move, a finger-tweaking slot, and not wanting to faff too much. Finally I got on a rope on one of the classic sport routes there, and couldn't even dog the start. Nails!! As usual at the time I just thought "fuck this, there's no way", and now I think "I'd like to give it another play, I reckon I could even link a move or two". Hmmm!! Will have to be careful with my finger though.

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