Monday, 1 March 2010

The map of syke.

This is on the wall opposite me, I just have to move my eyes approx 12° up and right, and there it is, clear, colourful and prominent and reminding me of what great potential and great cragging there is up here in sunny Scotland. Plus useful to correlate with forecasts, work out trips and travelling, etc etc.

Pink - suitable cragging in winter/spring.
Large inspiration: Erraid + Scoor (Mull), Creag Dubh, Aberdeen North granite, Gruinard Crags, Inverpollaidh, Caithness area.
Small inspiration:
Creag Nam Fithich, Glen Croe, Glen Ogle, Glen Lednock, Cave Crag, Glen Clova, Pass Of Ballater, Aberdeen South, Reiff, Ardmair, Ardnamurchan.

Orange - suitable cragging mostly in summer.
Large inspiration: Wave Buttress, Earnsheugh + Floors Craig + Craig Stirling (Aberdeen), Duntchelaig, Rosehearty, Loch Tollie + Loch Tolldaih (Gairloch), Sarclett, Latheronwheel, Mid Clyth, Suide Biorach (Skye), Dalbeg + Mangestra + Painted Wall + Magic Geo (Lewis).
Small inspiration: Iona, Glen Lednock, Polldubh Crags, Covesea, Reiff, Diabeg area, Sheigra area, Staffin Slip + Neist + Rubish Hunra (Skye)

Green - sport climbing.
Large inspiration: Elephant Rock, Camel Rock, Moy Rock, Gruinard River crags.
Small inspiration: Glen Ogle, Strathyre, Cave Crag, Weem, Angus quarries, Rob's Reed, Arbroath.

Blue - climbing with large walk-ins (can't do yet).
Large inspiration: The Cobbler, Aonach Dubh, Gharb Bheinn, Sron Na Chich East, Beinn Eighe East, Stac Pollaidh.
Small inspiration: Bonaid Dhonn, Creag Ghlas.

(Plus various lesser Central Belt and Lowland stuff when time/weather preclude travelling elsewhere).

Geeky?? Maybe. It took me all of 40 minutes - I often have longer shits than that. Admittedly I'm usually reading guidebooks on the bog....


GCW said...

You seem to have missed out the Thirlstane and Clifton.

Fiend said...

Done plenty of both of those already!! I've also missed out Craigencallie, Dungeon Of Buchan, Burrow Head, Kiln O Fuffock, and various other places I'm keen to go to but don't have a specific drive to at the moment.

Victim of Mathematics said...

I love diagrammatic representations of geekiness, so good effort. Suidhe Biorach is total aceness, but go when there's some wind or it's a midgepocalypse (not unlike all of Scotland really).

Fiend said...

Yeah well keen to get there, looks like ace sandstone climbing. Just need to meet people who are willing to go to Skye but not up the Cuillin!