Monday, 13 April 2009

Takein - Intake.

I've found a new training ground for the summer: Intake Quarry (link to Gary Gibson's delightfully archaic, haphazard, and fairly broken website - entirely appropriate for the venues described! :)). Although partially featuring in the Rockfax Limestone Guide, I've been unduly intrigued by this particular one of the numerous Peak Limestone Quarried Shitheaps - mostly because of the large number of trad routes featured on the site.

I had a delightful Bank Holiday jaunt there yesterday (what a fine choice for the weekend, sir :P), and found as well as being reasonably pleasant for a chossy limestone quarry (and believe me there is a lot of choss here surrounding the "slightly" better sections of semi-climbable rock), it looks reasonably suitable to keep me route fit when time dictates only local days: Long pumpy-looking sport routes around F6a-F7a, long pumpy AND scary-looking trad routes around E1-E4, it's likely there's a good workout to be had.

Not even I will claim to be that inspired by such a place (although no doubt there's the odd gem, hidden in plain view), but I'm inspired by keeping fit, and it beats the climbing wall, just...

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