Wednesday, 22 April 2009

False start.

There has been one. After a perky March, April has been somewhat more foolish for my climbing. As always, the fool is me. With weather, experience, and fitness stacked in my favour, my state of mind has let me down. A certain amount of depression and doubt has been more conducive to gazing at climbs in a state of terror and worry and walking away, rather than actually climbing them. This is the way it sometimes is with me....I have issues....those sometimes affect my climbing.

Last spring I had to be careful and cunning with my climbing plans as my body was weak and fragile.

This spring I have to be careful and cunning with my climbing plans as my mind is weak and fragile.

Thus....I've realised that when I feel this way, I should stick unintimidating climbing - climbing that suits me, is within my comfort zone, is not so dependent on inner confidence. This doesn't have to be mundane - Gogarth Red Wall for example is unintimidating as although it's adventurous, the climbing is piss. But in general, exploration (the obligatory exploration = route choice!!), and maybe sport climbing too, seem like good plans. And if I have moments of confidence, I can follow my higher inspirations then....go with what I feel, knowing that my feelings are pretty important in my climbing...

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