Friday, 24 April 2009

"Exploration, and maybe sport climbing"

Or indeed both.

One day I went to Slaley Brook Quarry near Matlock for some sport climbing, this was fun. In the grand tradition of such quarries there is a lot of appalling rock but also some distinct sections of quality climbing. Indeed at Slaley the appalling choss is truly horrifying, and the more climbable Marble Wall is really rather nice, with a surprisingly amount of flowstone and a nice selection of steady, crimpy wall climbs. I did a few and they were jolly nice really. I felt happy.

Another day I went to Pallet Crag near Barnard Castle for some esoteric exploration, this was fun. In the grand tradition of such minor venues there is a fair amount of scruffy bits and signs of underuse but also some definite hidden gems to be found. Indeed at Pallet there is only one climbable buttress, and it is really rather nice, a small but proud pillar of well featured gritstone and a nice selection of varied mid-grade routes. I did a a few and they were jolly nice. I felt happy.

Hurrah. The latter day also reminded me that - as a professed esotericist, I do enjoy these jolly jaunts to obscure hidden gem crags :). Not as much as I enjoy exciting and massively inspiring routes that I can't get out of my mind, but at times like this, odd little curios keep the fun going...

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