Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Wankers Wrist.

...or maybe not enough wanking?? I have somehow picked up a tendinopathy on the inside of my wrist on the little finger side. This "appeared" without any obvious cause sometime during the latter stages of the easy-ish green circuit at TCA. I'd warmed up well with a hobbling micro-run, felt fine on the circuit, and somehow during the last few problems my wrist started hurting, especially on any occasions where I was moving it relative to my hand. I stopped after a couple more problems, went home and iced it, but found I couldn't even slide a wok around whilst cooking a stir-fry. The next day it was hurting more so I went to the New Victoria MIU in case it was broken. Swift service there and some prodding, pressing and pulling gave a diagnosis of tendonitis. Wrist injuries are outside my "comfort zone" of A2 pulley tweaks, golfer's elbow and shoulder impingements, so I booked a physio appointment too - well justified as it is still hurting today in quite a few minor movements, rotation especially. The more indepth physio diagnosis was the same, some form of tendonitis / tendinopathy, as was the treatment: Rest, ice, anti-inflammatories (which I'm not supposed to take being on Warfarin, i.e. I'll sure as hell take them and hope it all calms down before my next INR reading), reduced mobility, massaging forearm muscles, then gently stretching the wrist. Once every day stir-frying / general motions are pain-free, ease back into climbing with shorter sessions, and combine this with general wrist exercises. Continue with CV / any exercise that doesn't aggravate it in the meantime.


Funnily enough I am syked for:

1. Gritstone slabs.

2. Training hard and training lots to get my strength up for the spring season.

...and not at all syked for:

1. Resting, icing, stretching, massaging, and not fucking climbing.

On the plus side, the weather is shit, the forecast is shit, so whilst I'm missing out on training at least I'm not missing out on any prime conditions. And I can still do plenty of CV exercise, especially the fucking lower limb shit I loathe and am too crippled to do effectively anyway. However, I did go swimming and that went okay so if I can put up with the soul-destroying tedium of that then maybe it is a good time to get a bit leaner and fitter. I shall see how it goes.

In the meantime, this soundtrack accurately sums up my vibe:


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