Saturday, 25 January 2014

Day 3: The Inbetweener.

A bit of this (shocking success), a bit of that (merciless failure)...

F6a - succeeded -F6a+? - by the skin of my teeth, felt like solid 5c for several metres.
F6b+ - succeeded - F6b+ - fierce 6a start, delicate above.
F6c+ - succeeded - F6c+ - vertical bouldering with rests, not the usual weirdness.
F6c+ - failed - F6c+/7a - pure desperation on non-existent micro-holds
F7a - failed - F7a - hard but missed hold in break, doh.
F6c+ - succeeded - F6c+/c - maybe even soft touch? Bouldery but brief.
F6c - failed - ungradeable - 8m of pure friction with every move English 6a.

The successes were sometimes not pure slab stuff but still good fun. Some of these were not pure failures due to pure mierda de las cabras grading, and thus some of them were a bit annoying. The F6c+ was ridiculously hard moves so that's that. The F7a was very close and I think I would have done it if I'd looked around more (maybe easier said that done when your eyes are on stalks from all the slab desperation), and the abominable F6c, well it was a surreally desperate experience but I only slipped off randomly a few moves from salvation. BLEH.

Learnings today included that: I really like griffon vultures and goats, breeze is crucial for optimum friction, Balvennie Double Wood tastes pretty nice at the crag, I am a bit hampered by my inflexible right ankle from an old break, very subtle variances in angle make a huge difference on friction slabs, and some of Pedriza is still as fucking random as ever.

Tomorrow....will I have any skin left??

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