Monday, 14 January 2013

Last bit of Morocco stuff.

Video of bloc:

Morocco Quartzite Bloc FA.

I was waiting to use this name all week after seeing "a little bit" of bouldering potential (while driving back from multi-pitch crags :)). It all got a bit exciting when I checked out the block at dusk, then realised I had to at least brush and pull on the holds, then had a play and realised I could do all of it but one move, then committed more to that move and realised I had to do the bloody thing before it got dark and we flew out the next morning. A classic compression problem above a good smooth rock shelf, and probably worth ***.

Some pictures:

I took fuck all pictures of crags and climbing, partly because there was just two of us and partly because the guidebook had enough pictures of that stuff. I wish I'd got more photos of the cool boxy-housed mountain villages though.

Final bit of advice: Take a big cam (Camalot 4+). Even if you aren't dicking around with wide cracks, it's useful.

Also if you are planning to go in late autumn / early spring, take me with you :). I want to get back to do more of the North-facing stuff....

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