Sunday, 30 December 2012

Morocco #3....climbing.

Moroccan rock is:

  • Orange.
  • Plentiful.
  • Impressive but often rambly.
  • Varying from Arapalisian perfection to towering rubble.
  • Surprisingly accessible from the windy mountainn roads.

Moroccan climbing is:

  • Orange.
  • Plentiful.
  • Great if you choose the right routes (and avoid the rambly ones!).
  • Diverse and usually well featured.
  • Soft-touch if it's something Emma and Paul put up on a shady crag.
  • Solid at the grade if it's something Steve and Katja headpointed on a sunny crag.
  • Slightly hampered by long drives and prickly descents.
  • Good fun so far and hopefully plenty more to come next week.

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