Friday, 28 December 2012

Morocco #2 - proper post.

I might have been a bit tired for the previously blog post.

Morocco is....

The scenery:

  • Lots of bloody mountains everywhere.
  • Lots of funky square houses and villages.
  • Barren orange and brown crags.
  • Scrubby shrubby valleys.
  • Almost all the A Roads are single track lanes full of hairpins.

The weather:

  • Sunny.
  • Very sunny.
  • Really stupidly bloody sunny.
  • Also cold at night.
  • Very crisp and dry.

The plants:

  • Spikey.
  • Thorny.
  • Prickly.
  • Spikey and thorny.
  • Spikey and prickly.
  • Prickly and thorny.
  • Spike and prickly and thorny.

The animals:

  • Donkeys.
  • Lizards.
  • One family of wild boar (woot! but they ran away before I could get photos / cuddles).

The people....are really fond of:

  • 6am prayer calls of massively amplified wailing and ululating.
  • Walking in the middle of the road (especially at night in black clothing).
  • Staring intently at passing cars as if they have just landed.
  • Police roadblocks (which so far have gone very smoothly once they realise we are idiot Europeans and therefore inconsequential).

The food:

  • Tagine.
  • Meatballs.
  • Fennel infused breadsticks.
  • Beer that lives up the to famed African brewery standards.

The climbing.....mmm that can wait until next time.

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