Monday, 11 June 2012

Lack Of Velociraptors at the Lost Valley

I have put up with many....difficulties....using Bouldering In Scotland. Approach times and maps have been taken with a pinch of salt, grades, lines and descriptions with a shovelful (although surprisingly the descriptions for the Lost Valley are spot on....and the grades are only 2 grades out). Although it's got me to some great locations, it's often taken trial and error and imagination to get on some great problems, and I've put up with that (mostly by whining about it on this blog). But this time my patience has run out...

"When you finally step down into the Lost Valley after a hike through the gorge of Allt Coire Gabhail, you might expect to see Velociratpors running around in packs, such is the hidden mystery of the place."

Well it might be full of hidden mystery, but I didn't see ANY Velociraptors. Not a single one. Nor Brontasaurii, Diplodocii, Stegadons, Triceratops, Tyranosaurs, not even a fucking Pterdaton.





John S Watson said...

all good feedback, Fiend, this guide was produced when most areas were new or being developed so grades and descriptions do need reappraised - editors need feedback, so do email us any feedback, it's useful. What was the last problem in the vid, a new one?

sorry about the velociraptors, I took them home to Glasgow...

Fiend said...

Okay cool, I appreciate that, I have been scribbling notes in the guide and will put them onto the computer. The last problem is new, done by Dave Mac in hiking boots.