Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Current Concepts.

It's raining. A lot. The forecast is dire. I have stuff to do. I'm still totally syked for cragging but that has to be on the backburner. In the meantime there are a few things to consider:

  • There are plenty of options for good single days out or weekends, especially if I maintain my current form and can do some of the radder routes I've spotted. I'm going to keep in mind the following plethora of options depending on weather and wind:
  • Day trips: Glen Croe, Allt Doire-Bheith / Stac An Eich (Glen Coe), Creag An Fhithich Beag / Polldubh / Gorge area (Glen Nevis), Glenfinnan, Creag Dubh, Huntly's Cave, Pass Of Ballater, Weem, Glen Ogle, Glen Lednock, Abroath, Roslin Glen.
  • 2 day / Weekend trips: Gairloch, Reiff, Caithness, Cummingston, Tarlair, Rosehearty, Red Tower / Whisky Cliff / Berrymuir / Floor's Craig / Johnsheugh (Aberdeen).
  • I need to remember to warm-up well and actually try challenging stuff as I've probably got enough mileage under my belt to summon up the syke to see it through.
  • I want to do more 6a on lead. Only one so far this year and it was really more continuous 5c. I'm feeling warmed up enough to start having some technical challenges....I want to get into the habit of harder moves. Mostly because they're fun :)
  • the weather and conditions fluctuate manically, I want to keep my eyes open for good bouldering days. Although I am still far too injured to push my limits, there are still plenty of high quality problems I haven't got around to throughout the country, and if the weather sometimes suits them more than it does trad, sobeit.
  • Training....I'm keen to do plenty of training at the moment, hopefully I can build on trad mileage with a training kick up the arse. Indoor routes + lots of falling practise, indoor bouldering endurance sessions, gym weights + cv sessions. Restarted this in the last week (Ratho - good, weights session - kinda fun, TCA - sweaty weak and horrible) and need to keep it up.
  • Elbow....still fucked. As per usual. Expect the same injury report for many more months. I am managing it though, and keeping up with massage, taping, and theraputic eccentric wrist curls. It's been fine on trad (especially in warm weather), but a lot less fine with "casual" bouldering, so I need to take extra care with that.

That's it really....keep training....keep open to all the various days out options....keep careful....keep syked.

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