Thursday, 26 April 2012

Pondering on purchases...

Maybe time to upgrade a bit...

  • 8 x Alpha Light 12cm Quickdraws 
  • 2 x Alpha Light 25cm Quickdraws 
  • 4 x Alpha Light Krabs for long extenders 
  • 2 x 60cm 12mm slings 
  • 3 x Camalot C3 Cams 
  • 12 x Alpha Light Krabs for cams 
  • 2 x Shadow Screwgates 
  • 1 x Boa Screwgate 
  • 1 x Sentinel Screwgate

Almost all of that is to replace my current older, heavier gear, to make my gear lighter = less weight in rucksack = easier to do walk-ins = more energy at crag = bigger numbers = more fun.

Except for the C3 cams, these are to replace my 9 year old size 0 and 00 Camalots which are getting fairly trashed (average 2-3 lobes on each has had a snapped and repaired trigger wire!), and to give me more options at smaller sizes.

I was considering getting a few Oval krabs for racking wires, but they tend to be bulky and heavy, so for the moment I will stick with the notchless Black Diamond Positrons from my current quickdraws, as the notchless wiregates seem to be a bit angular shaped to be worth buying as racking krabs - unless anyone has any suggestions.

At some point I might get 2 x Omega Link cams, to give me more options for longer and variable protection routes. Obviously these are pretty heavy and would negate some of the weight loss above but they are the only additions I think would be truly useful. I'd also consider Wild Country Superlight Rocks to replace my second set of smaller Wallnuts but I'm not sure they'd be that much better.

These are very carefully considered purchases to enhance my climbing and help compensate for the issues that inhibit it. Maybe time to stop pondering and actually purchase...


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