Saturday, 6 August 2011

Gaylord chosseering at Glen Clova.

Glen Clova:

  • Lots of mid-grade climbs to go at.

  • Good location and outlook.

  • Nice sunny but exposed position.

  • Strenuous but short approach.

  • Decent area of the country for weather.

  • But...

  • The only problem being the climbing is a bit shit.


  • Lots of mid-grade climbing experience.

  • Good personal inspiration and outlook.

  • Nice ability to work out positions.

  • Short but capable of strenuosity.

  • Decent determination to chase best weather.

  • But...

  • The only problem being HIS climbing is a bit shit.

Less of a "maintaining standards" session and more of a "maintaining a complete inability to progress even slightly" session. A previous session at Ratho had me feeling surprisingly unpunterish but once on real rock with the real prospect of climbing above real trad protection and really actually getting a vaguely tricky climb done, the gaylordness - and complete lack of overall fitness - was out in standard force. I did manage a couple of easier routes tho so there is some mileage there. Also got to recce plenty of Clova for future potential - i.e. there isn't that much that looks super-awesome enough.

Learnings from this session: more determination when tackling trickier routes and definitely more fitness training.


David Bulley said...

"gaylordness" what an awesome word lol

Fiend said...

Gaylordness, hmmm. Gaylordism? Gaylordatory? Anyway. I still want to do the thing in your picture!