Thursday, 3 September 2009

Two events.

Firstly, I went climbing:

On Monday I went out to Harpur Hill and led two F6as (I think one is F6a+ really) and a big HVS 5a. Which was nice!! Bleak weather, grotty location, minor routes, but good to be back. My legs were fine, moving over rock was fine, climbing was easier than walking - but walking around was hard, especially up the slope between the tiers, I often had to stop and rest. After abbing down the last route I sat exhausted, but with a smile on my face. I'm sure the doctors wouldn't have approved, but I took care, and my sense of well-being approved...

Secondly, I got the delayed results from the MRI Venogram:

Extensive DVT is noted in the distal IVC, both iliac veins and extending into the femoral veins.

The IVC does not appear to be in continuity from the abdomen into the heart and appearances would be consistent with either severe stenosis-stricture of the upper segment of the IVC or more likely IVC hypoplasia-aplasia at this site.

There are extensive collaterals into the lumbar veins and the renal veins appear to drain into these lumbar collaterals. There does not appear to be any mass lesion producing a compression at this site.

There is no other significant abnormality.

Basically I have got a prominent constriction in the main vein between my abdomen and heart, and possibly have had this since birth. This is very probably the main cause of the DVT blood clots. I'm now being referred to see a vascular specialist and see what, if anything, can be done. An explanation at last, but also quite unnerving. It's possible I've been walking around like this for most of my life....a ticking bomb waiting to go off...

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