Sunday, 20 September 2009

Fine nine, final nine.

The last 9 days have been as follows:

Sat - Climbing trad (Clogwyn Y Grochan, Craig Ddu)
Sun - Climbing trad (Tremadog)
Mon - Bouldering (Cromlech boulders)
Tue - Gentle bouldering (Holmfirth Cliff), gentle swimming
Wed - Gentle swimming
Thu - Climbing sport (Hangingstone Quarry)
Fri - Prolonged swimming, brisk stroll
Sat - Climbing trad (Craig Rhiwarth)
Sun - Climbing trad (Craig Y Merched), long walk

Not bad for someone who could scarcely walk a month ago!! The legs have held up well - the uphill walking on a few days has been hard, and standing around too much makes them swell slightly. Climbing and the associated lounging and faff in between seems fine, apart from bridging type manoeuvres which are too tiring so far. The climbing has been great in general, especially the Welsh Weekends - so nice to get on good trad in great weather.

This last weekend is a bit of a transition point. I'm moving on and doing something useful with myself. More details when relevant. Suffice to say that the climbing will continue, just in a different location - and it felt really nice to go to one of my favourite areas (Merionnydd) that I might not revisit for a while. Hopefully the healing and regaining fitness will also continue!!

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