Saturday, 9 May 2009

Spank holiday.

Edit: Week late due to busyness, laziness, and grumpyiness.

Well, not quite a spank holiday but not much of a climbing one either. Another weekend of reasonable weather which I really didn't capitalise on with much decent climbing, although the social side was rather more pleasurable. One of these days I'll get my act together and make the most out of these weekends, but this wasn't that day. Having said that what I did do was kinda fun and had some interest:

This is some route or other at Long John's Stride at Wharncliffe. Very nice bit of the crag, quiet, sheltered, grassy, and some decent routes including the massively overgraded but not at all overrated Autumn Wall. Anyway I did the above arete and the one to the right of it. For both routes the crux of both grades was placing the gear, and quite predictably I had a wobbler whilst doing so. What was notable that through the cloud of swearing and belligerence, once gear was placed and climbing was commenced, I realised I was really rather enjoying it. The grouching was solely related to the gear faff and pretty transitory, and the pure pleasure of climbing was not long obscured. Which is nice :).

Also in this area and of interest is some, well, I shall call it ART. The quality of the work and the sympathy to the surroundings, both rock and woodland, defies the label of "graffiti".

So yeah that was that. Wharncliffe ho hum. This current weekend looks like it's properly toss. I really need to sort myself and my climbing organisation out.

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