Tuesday, 1 March 2016


For a change, not BIG NUMBERS (these days unfortunately they tend to be either the weights I lift or the weight I to carry around, rather than ego-hollowing climbing grades), but SMALL NUMBERS. As part of a general procedure to try to reduce the afore-mentioned and ever-increasing carry-on weight, I have got into zero / low-alcohol beers (low as in 0.5% max, not that weird 2% piss that some crap lager brands are doing). I like the taste and crisp refreshingness of beer and have 0,0 interest in the alcoholic effect. I also have 0,0 interest in the 500 calories per bottle a typical beer might have, and while the low alcohol beers never taste as good as their fuller fruitier counterparts (but not bad for a quick post-wall guzzle), they don't taste 5 times worse for those missing calories - my favourite Sainsbury's Czech clocks in at 86 calories for a large bottle. So they are a worthwhile addition to my beverage arsenal (along with the ever-favourite diet soda water...), and they might be for yours too. Here's my findings so far:

Sainsbury's Czech 0.5%
Good crisp taste and very low calorie
Erdinger Wiessbier 0.5%
Nice taste with mild wheatiness.

Bavaria 0,0 Wheat beer
Much nicer than the normal Bav, quite wheaty
San Miguel 0,0
A classic, not much taste but palatable
Estrella Free Damm
A classic name, another light but okay one
Morrisons Saint Urquel
Quite light but not bad

Goat piss:
Bavaria 0,0
Too sweet and malty
Cobra 0%
Too sweet and malty
Becks Blue
No taste as you'd expect from a big brand

Need to test Brewdog's Nanny State which I'm sure will be good...

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