Friday, 10 April 2015


I had a wee jaunt to Aberdeen recently, to sample the very good fish and chips from the Newmachar chippy. Oh, and to climb at Vat O'Burn / Burn O'Vat / Vat Burn / whatever it is, and also at Finedon Ness. So now I can add slightly crumbly rock and inevitably unpredictable sea-smeg to the trad hazards I've forgotten how to cope with. Despite that I did a few nice routes, mostly easy ones I climbed smoothly, and a tricky one I climbed with inspiration, so that's good. Basically that's enough warming up and it's time to stop farting around and actually try some proper climbing.

Having said that I wasn't sure where to begin this routes season, so it's taken some proper revising to get some inspiration together. After some deliberation, it's all about Wales and the South West, with hints of Lakes, Yorkshire, and the few remaining Scottish plans I haven't finished off:

Pen Trwyn / Marine Drive
Cwm Glas Bach
Clogwyn Gafr
Clogwyn Y Grochan
Scimitar Ridge
Cloggy by train
Clogwyn Y Eryr
Craig Y Clipiau
Carreg Hylldrem
A bit o' slate
Arennig Fawr
Cwn Nantcol
Various other Rhinnogs crags
Bird Rock

South West:
Kellan Head
Brownspear Point
Land's End
Carn Barra
St Loy
Carn Gowla
Avon Gorge
Sanctuary Wall

Dow Crag
Blind Tarn Crag
A bit o' slate
Raven Crag Threshwaite
Raven Crag Thirlmere
Castle Rock
Chapel Head Scar

Blue Scar
Earl Crag

Creag Dubh Barrier Wall
Reiff Leaning Block
Seanna Mheallan
Stac Pollaidh
Aberdeen sea-cliffs

I think that will do for now?? Looking at the immediate forecast Ratho will be the main aim tho - can never have enough stamina...

As always I will be keen to meet up with people who are keen for these sort of places!

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