Friday, 6 September 2013

It's a trap.

It's a trap to do some practice falls and feel comfortable enough that I don't bother doing any for the rest of the session.

It's a trap to do practise falls and then get on a tricky lead and just shout "take" when I'm tired because I think I've done enough falls.

It's a trap to do a few good leads and assume next time out things will go at least as well and I can just coast along.

It's a trap to do some great routes and feel like I'm achieving what I want and don't need to train as hard.

It's a trap to feel strong and fit down the wall or gym and think that that is strong and fit enough and I don't have to go down as much.

It's a trap to go down to TCA and feel I've done enough and not go for my pathetic but essential 10 minute micro-run afterwards.

It's a trap to think that any single burst of exercise I do in a day (wall, gym, walk, run, route) is enough and I don't have to do more.

It's a trap to be lured into comfort and complacency by any of the above.

Climbing is not about being comfortable and complacement. It's about being in uncomfortable and challenging situations and being fit, strong, determined, inspired and desiring enough to not only cope with those situations, but relish and thoroughly enjoy both the challenge and intrinsic pleasure of those situations. To prepare for that in climbing, I need to be sensible and aware in training and exercise, and avoid those traps.

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