Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Mo Fire

The wrong sort of fire though - not the spiritual blaze of passion and excitement but the burning oppression of sultry solar rays. It seems the respite from the ridiculous "southern england" style heatwave was as brief as the usual respite from the typical "northern scotland" style monsoons. From Metoffice:

Fort William:
Sat 20 Jul Day 25 °C W 3 mph Very Good

Sat 20 Jul Day 26 °C NE 5 mph Very Good

Sat 20 Jul Day 22 °C N 5 mph Very Good

Too fucking HOT by far. Ullapool might be the only option this weekend, at least it's got sea-cliffs and some north-ish facing crags....if one can escape the midges.

It looks perfectly timed, just as my confidence and determination are trickling back, any semblence of good conditions are trickling away like sweat down the hands and onto the holds. Once again I must be patient and WAIT and find something better to do than failing on challenging routes just because it's too hot. So what should that be?? Well if I was back in Sheffield it would be obvious - dogging down the dales, sheltering under a canopy of limestone overhangs and trees, dicking around on a rope with little pressure other than training and exercise. Sure the climbing would be shit but there would be plenty of choice. Up here, much less so....

Dicking around on a rope....
Glen Ogle shady side
Tunnel Wall
Dumby before evening
Myopics Buttress before evening
Creag Nan Luch if I'm up that way already
All the bolted torridonian sandstone if I'm up that way already
(Not the Angus quarries as I would rather take a belt sander to my bellend)

Seeking shade....
Reiff area (some of it)
Gruinard area
Aberdeen coast (if not smeggy)
Lakes (East-ish crags esp)
Lednock west side
Crag Lough and Peel Crag (quite a good idea actually!)

Easy mileage....
Yet again, *yawn*

Other options....
Deep Water soloing?? Craig Stirling!! But maybe too greasy if it's that warm.
Getting up high in the mountains?? Ha-fucking-ha. Anyone got any new veins? Though not. Fuck off.

Any other ideas?? Climbing ones of course... Let me know...

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