Thursday, 30 May 2013

Gotta stop punting...

» Gotta make plans more pro-actively.
(I still do too much faffing around worrying about weather and the right people and the best plans, I've got to stop doing this and just get organised and go climbing.)

» Gotta get going earlier in the morning.
(Too much time wasted not getting on with it.)

» Gotta stop pestering partners who have their fixed groups.
(Too much time hanging on waiting for people I seem to get on with well but rarely include me in their outdoor climbing.)

» Gotta keep training my fingers.
(Still worried about not being able to last long on small crimpy holds, need to keep focusing on them.)

» Gotta keep doing circuits at TCA.
(Have been recommended it as a way to train crucial endurance, I've finally managed to do the stopper move green circuit, so I feel I can progress with that.)

» Gotta keep doing falling practise, and do it harder.
(Had a good session last time, need to ramp it up with bigger falls AND trying harder routes until I unavoidably come off)

» Gotta pace my wall training so I don't trash my skin.
(One of the main problems I'm having with training....I can get stronger to compensate for being a fucking bloater, but I can't get my skin better, so it grinds off and limits further training. Shorter sessions and stopping before it's trashed.)

» Gotta do my shoulder exercises daily.
(Still tweaky, only due to sleeping not climbing, but it's not getting any stronger by doing nothing)

» Gotta get some more Super Chalk.
(Got Moon Dust that's like rubble and DMM chalk that's like silky talc, fuck that shit my skin is sweaty enough without bad chalk)

» Gotta order some more Anasazis.
(The 7.5s I mail-ordered were more like 8s, comfy enough but I have nothing precise with rubber left on them, why is climbing kit so damn hard to get in Scotland.)

» Gotta keep running.
(I hate it, it sucks, last time was 5 mins warm-up, 10 mins of constant demoralising pain, but it keeps me moving.)

» Gotta keep stretching.
(Too old and fragile not to.)

» Gotta sleep better.
(Getting fed up with going to bed too late and crashing out in the day. Napping != training/climbing)

» Gotta be careful with caffeine.
(Almost certainly the cause of the above, I love coffee but only in moderation, gotta stop abusing it)

» Gotta eat healthier and drink more water.
(Related to above. Had lots of fun junk food in Ullapool but still not detoxed enough from it.)

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