Thursday, 21 July 2011

Sweden the country.

  • Everyone drives a Volvo. Usually an estate. This is great.

  • Unlike the UK, most people do not drive like complete fucking morons. This is good.

  • There seems to be no national radio station devoted to minimal techno 24 hours a day. This is very bad.

  • All Swedish people speak good English and are usually very helpful. This is a revelation that British people could learn from.

  • Unfortunately there are no English signs anywhere at all, for anything. Although "toalett" and "stopp" are mercifully comprehensible.

  • All Swedish children are very blonde and seem very happy.

  • Most Swedish women are very blonde and wear very short shorts.

  • Everything is extremely expensive. The only exceptions being pre-grated cheese and low-alcohol beer.

  • Supermarket meatballs are fairly average and I can't eat a whole packet of them.

  • Restaurant meatballs can be very awesome.

  • South-West Sweden consists entirely of fields, pine forests, lakes/inlets, and small lumps of granite.

  • In Bohuslan, those small lumps of granite can be very awesome.

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