Thursday, 6 May 2010


Bit of personal history for you.

1986 - Bolt Thrower formed.
1990 - John Peel (RIP) played their "Drowned In Torment" track which introduced me to them.
1992 - I buy their Realms Of Chaos CD.
1993 Saturday 15th August - see Bolt Thrower live at the London Marquee, my second ever gig.
1993 Wednesday 19th August - my ears stop ringing.
1994 - for some bizarre reason I get rid of the Realms Of Chaos CD as I find it too rabid. What a gaylord.
2004 - get back into metal. Buy various CDs including 4th Crusade and Mercenary.
2009 - finally restock with the Realms Of Chaos, Warmaster, and their latest and equal greatest For Those Once Loyal.
2010 - see Bolt Thrower live again, 17 years on, and they are still awesome. Finally get to purchase a highly exclusive hoodie and beanie.

It was an ace gig. What makes Bolt Thrower great is how they are so heavy and so catchy at the same time - they manage to blend a dense wall of sound with such strong riffs and drumming that is both brutal and surprisingly groovy. It would be hard not to mosh along and I didn't even try to resist. The crowd were well syked, from kids who just appreciate a class grindcore sound, to veterans who have been following them for two decades. Karl Willets looked fat, sweaty, old, and still full of energy and excitement at delivering the mighty Bolt Thrower sound \m/ YEAH \m/

Well worth going to. I think I need to see Carcass next if they're still touring...

Here's a selection of their best stuff, Throughout The Ages:


GCW said...

What the fuck?
How did I miss this tour.

Fiend said...

Sorry dude :(

Dunno I keep missing loads of things.

Although I did mention it on the Thrash Metal thread a few weeks ago!!