Saturday, 16 January 2010


Zero - the visibility at Glenshee, measured in whatever unit you choose, it doesn't really matter, it was still too damn foggy to see let alone ski...

Although that didn't stop me amongst others, though it did restrict one's options and hamper one's style, not that I have much of the latter in the first place, although I am very proud of my £90 jacket and trousers combo from Decathlon, not least because after a day of marinating in the perverse blend of rain, sleet, snow, drizzle and mizzle, I was probably the wettest thing in Glenshee on the outside, but still tolerably dry on the inside.

Anyway despite pretty grim conditions it was more skiing, more practice, another resort checked out, another pretty easy last minute trip, and I got to see a gazillion red deer driving to Braemar SHYA in the evening. Look!

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