Monday, 9 November 2009

Having fun at Hepburn, keeping training at Kirrie Hill.

After a series of minor but continual catastrophes recently, I got out climbing this weekend. Which was nice, as it always invariably is.

Northumberland is not in Scotland and I have climbed there lots already. However it is also a lot closer to Glasgow than it is to Sheffield, a lot closer to gritstone than most rock types in Scotland, and I haven't bouldered there lots already. Thus despite desperately desiring to do trad at the moment, when I was invited down on the annual lads bouldering weekend, it was enough to tempt me. I'd never even heard of Hepburn, but it was pretty inspiring: Nice rock, some good problems, and some sloping landings. I did a couple of things that tested me, improved my footwork a bit, got some inspiration for the future, and climbed until my skin and muscles were sore. Although it's not the sort of training and progression I need at the moment, it was a good wake-up call to my body.

The weather was glorious winter sun on Saturday, and glorious winter sun on Sunday, but the latter wasn't in Northumberland, which was wetter than a monkfish's minge, but rather in Scotland (an unusual reversal of the usual weather). The lads beat a retreat down South and I beat a retreat North-wards for many many hours - the drive being somewhat alleviated by Scotland, usually so dank and grim, being utterly gorgeous in the sunshine - to reach Kirrie Hill. Also a sandstone crag but miles away in rock and line quality. In fact pretty much a bolted chossheap, but that's not likely to put me off is it ;). Maybe the lowest of Scottish climbing experiences, but nevertheless some decent moves, decent training, and plenty of winter sun. I did a couple of routes, got a bit pumped, and pulled on a small hold I thought I might ping off. My fingers got a little bit sorer and I got a little bit better trained. That'll do ;).

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