Monday, 5 October 2009


All Aboard! Not that I'm the biggest fan of Dillinja, but it seemed to fit.

The good ship Fiend is setting sail for new shores - specifically imminently mooring at Glasgow docks! I'm moving up there for a variety of reasons, of which the most relevant is to sample more Scottish climbing close up. I figure with weather, conditions, and vast amounts of driving all stacked against the enthusiastic explorer, living considerably closer to the Highlands for a while is a sane plan. I also have some life plans tied up with this move, hopefully that will come to fruition too.

Unfortunately due to some slight issues i.e. losing a month of my life with the hospital stay and subsequent slow recovery, this isn't a smooth sailing and there is indeed a fair amount of turbulent tacking required, not least alternating between Sheffield and Glasgow too often for comfort nor relaxation. Hopefully things will be sorted out soon and I will be able to attack autumnal suntrap crags, fitness recovery, and climbing training with renewed vigour.

Until then climbing and blogging might have to be a bit sporadic...

Once I have a base in Glasgow it will be open to any friends who want to visit and climb, with the sole condition that you take me with you :).

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