Tuesday, 31 March 2009

And now...?

So....what now?

My injuries seem, at last, to be managable. My climbing seems, at last, to be going well. This is good! Hopefully I can follow some inspirations and enjoy some good climbing this year.

What I intend to do for now is to be smart and stick to what inspires me (proper trad, bit of sport, bit of bouldering projects), I shouldn't be climbing too much but want to make days out count... In the meantime, fit in some good training: Indoor routes or outdoor sport routes for stamina and mileage (and hopefully the dreaded but obligatory falling practise...), and definitely keep up with the running for fitness. I feel on reasonable form with strength and ability, but stamina and fitness have always been weaknessnes - thankfully training those is fairly obvious and logistically simple so I should be able to do that steadily to support days out.

Seems like a sensible plan...

Edit: And now... I've got a tossing throat infection :S. Still I've caught it early and am on Penicillin. 3 illnesses in 3 months, not a great track record this year, boo hiss. So I guess this is a useful rest week then *rolls eyes*.

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